Dear Humble Income Seeker,

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The truth is, there’s thousands of people, from all over the globe, earning substantial amounts of money, right from home.


Imagine sitting at your local coffee shop, as this is your new office and you don’t report to anyone but yourself.

You’re in comfortable clothing, maybe in sorts, in flip flops even, working from your laptop.

After sitting for a couple of hours, drinking your favorite cup of coffee, you’re all done and it’s not even lunch time… Now you have the rest of the day to do whatever you please.

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Well it not, and no matter what you might think, this is the reality for so many people.

Think about it… have you ever gone to a local coffee shop and see just that? Normal people, in shorts, flip flips, and a t-shirt, working from their laptops.

Ever wonder why they’re not at work, but you are?

Then you see them get up and leave in their luxurious cars… How in the world did they get a car like that?

What do they do for a living?

These people are real, and they’re making EXTRAORDINARY amounts of cash, just spending a few minutes each day, from any place they see fit.


The Internet is the only place where you can start your very own business, for little or no money, no matter your background nor experience.

On The Internet everyone has an equal opportunity for success.

It’s not hard to succeed, it doesn’t take a long time, and you can start earning money online, as quickly as a few minutes from right now.

I guarantee that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have the tools to start you’re very own profitable online business, and all you have to do is TAKE ACTION.

Creating a business on the Internet is nothing new, but many still have yet even bothered to do so.

Here’s what’s really cool…

  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need any technical experience
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever tried to make money online
  • And best of all, the method I’m about to share with you is FREE

All you need is a little desire…

A DESIRE to be successful
A DESIRE to be financially free
A DESIRE to live the lifestyle you know you deserve

Understand, the amount of money you can make is totally up to you, I don’t care if you’re looking for just an extra couple hundred dollars a week or thousands a day, all this is achievable and it starts right now.

Trust me, I’ve gone through my struggles, but when you have the right mind-set, that DESIRE to overcome your obstacles, you WILL succeed.

I say this, while I sit my local coffee shop, drinking my tall latte, in my sorts, and flip flips.

I’m about to share with you a simple and fool proof method on making your first dollar online.

Heck, you don’t even need an office… just a computer and that desire to succeed.


Even with the current economic downturn, Internet businesses continue to grow at a phenomenal rate, and it shows no signs of slowing down

The Internet is streamlining information, enriching our lives, educating and entertaining us.

The Internet is fun, exciting, and filled with possibilities, as you’ll soon see.

With The Internet you can connect with potentially and unlimited number of people from all around the world, in an instant! By capitalizing on this simple reality, I started my first business…


What I have for you is not just some half-baked “make money idea” but a way to capitalize on a clearly evolving trend, not just online, but in the entire business world.

The fact of the matter is, business owners don’t do it all.

Imagine trying to run an entire business all on your own.


You can’t do everything yourself, and for the one’s who try, never succeed.

Big corporations hire hundreds, even thousands of employees.

But now many large companies outsource nearly every aspect of their business including:

  • Web Development
  • iPhone App Developers
  • Software Development
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Customer Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Services
  • Writing & Translation
  • Administrative Support


Heck, I even do it…

Just last week, I was hired to design and develop a website for a local real estate company.

After some negotiations and specifications, we came up with a price of $2000 for the website (…and for what they wanted, this was cheap).

That night, I went online, visited my secret source for outsourced labor, and posted a job (absolutely free), listing my clients needs and specifications.

Now my client’s specification was literally modeled on a competitor’s websites, but this client wanted his own pictures and content.

So in this job posting, I specified just that.

Create and design a website like, I will provide the pictures and content

The next day I had a list of prospects willing to do the job at a fraction of the cost.

You know what? I only paid $100 for the website, it took less than a week, and I profited $1900 for doing practically nothing!

By the end of the project, my new employee designed and created a website BETTER than the original model!

My client was ECSTATIC with the results, and my employee was THRILLED with the payment.

And I’m DELIGHTED to be the middle man. This is a win/win for EVERYONE.

This is 100% legal and ethical, let me clarify…

I NEVER lie to my clients. Every one of them understood I outsourced my work, and not one has ever cared.

My clients like the fact that they talk exclusively through me.

The question I always get:

“But I don’t know anything about creating websites!?”

But that’s the beauty of this… It’s not your job to know nor is this limited to just websites.

The potential is unlimited.

There’s an enormous pool of talented folks, with a wide-range of expertise and experience.

Why not let the professionals handle the work? …and they work for CHEAP!

Now I understand some of you may not want, or even know how, to go out and solicit work, so I’ve come up with a strategy to Do All This Online.

The Secret Source

So what’s this secret source?

Where can you find cheap labor and leverage The Internet to make money online?

Simply put, my secret source is oDesk

oDesk is The #1 place online to hire a freelancer.

oDesk lets anyone, manage and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office.

With more than 220,000 business seeking skilled workers, and 805,000 service providers from over 150 countries, oDesk is truly changing how the world works.

There’s a number of other freelancing sites out there, but oDesk has exceeded my expectations in every way.

It’s probably the most straight forward on the Internet.

Compared to other sites, I found oDesk to be the easiest to get started and it only takes minutes

And the quality of work surpasses every site I’ve tried prior.

The ability to sort through profiles, projects, and to read previous reviews of candidates, makes it even that much better when hiring new employees.

I’m letting you guys in on this secret because it’s changed my life and I know it can change yours.

Try it. Unlike other sites, it won’t cost you anything to post new jobs.

You can choose to hire workers on oDesk at an hourly or fixed-price.

Personally, I only choose fixed-price. I set the pay-rate, and only pay when and if the job is completed and perfected.

As stated previously, there’s other sites out there, like or, that work very similar to oDesk, but the quality of work I recieve from odesk is hands down better than most.

And to be honest with you, I’ve found the people on oDesk, work for so much cheaper, and I love working with them 10x more!

Because of this, here’s where we capitalize.

Step 1. Sign Up With HERE

Step 2. Find A Job at or

Step 3. Post That Same Job On oDesk For Lower

Step 4. Keep The Profits

Easy right? This is so simple and easy, anyone can do this.

If you’ve ever paid a bill online, set up an account for something, or checked your email.. YOU CAN DO THIS!

This isn’t rocket science.

In essence, you are your own staffing agency; a very well paid staffing agency, becoming the middle man, managing employee, all online.

Keep in mind, you should never lie (and there’s no reason you should).

Always market yourself as a staffing agency. You are a manager, with access to a number of employees, with the exact skills and experience they are looking for.

Clients love the fact that you can be their “One-Stop-Shop” to all their needs.

Remember, You pay nothing out of your pocket.

You never pay your oDesk employee, until the job is completed and when you (and your new client) are satisfied with the work.

You wait until you’ve been paid, and then pay your employee with those funds.

It really is that easy.

My advice? Try it. Unlike other sites, it won’t cost you anything to post.

Check out this review and more details about oDesk

You can try oDesk for free…

Go on elance and just copy a simple ad for a job posting… post it on oDesk… see who applies… evaluate their reviews… even interview them… all before you make a decision.

Do it now, just to get the feel of it, there’s no obligation to ever hire anyone.

You can even wait for bids on oDesk and see how low they’ll work for you, before you accept any job offerings on freelance.

This way, you’re guaranteed profits.

Now get to your local coffee shop and start working, take action.

If you have any questions, post it in the comments, I’ll reply personally.

To Your Success,


Here are the 4 easy steps, once again:

Step 1. Sign Up With HERE

Step 2. Find A Job at or

Step 3. Post That Same Job On oDesk For Lower

Step 4. Keep The Profits